Are Mini Cheddars vegetarian?

are mini cheddars vegetarian

What are mini cheddars?

As sales of McVitie’s originals began to dwindle, the company expanded its product line to include Mini Cheddars. They first debuted in 1984–1985, and more flavors were quickly added. Marmite, BBQ Beef, Branston Pickle, Cheese & Onion, Ham & Cheese, and Mature Cheddar are among the flavors available. They are widely available as a snack at pubs across the United Kingdom. Are mini cheddars vegetarian?

Are mini cheddars vegetarian?

Did you know that some cheeses are not vegetarian? As we informed you in one of our other posts, parmesan cheese is not vegetarian.  It has to do with the use of something called rennet. Rennet is usually taken from the fourth stomach of a relatively young grazing animal like calves, goats, or lambs. Do Mini Cheddars contain rennet?

We have bad news for vegetarians. Unfortunately, we have discovered another product that we have to do without. Mini Cheddars contain rennet. Take a look at the following tweet of the producer Jacob`s.

are mini cheddars vegetarian

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