Are vegetarians smarter?

Are vegetarians smarter?

Researchers from the University of Southampton interviewed 4222 women and 3948 men aged 30, whose IQ had been calculated when they were ten years old, about their eating habits.123 of the 366, or 4.5 percent, who claimed to be vegetarians also admitted to consuming fish and white meats like chicken. What conclusions did this study reach? Are vegetarians smarter?

Catharine Gale and her colleagues wrote in the British Medical Journal that the study found that people who have a high IQ in childhood are very likely to be vegetarians later in life. The result showed that vegetarians are smarter than carnivores.
What are the results of the study? Are vegetarians smarter because they eat less meat?

Are vegetarians smarter?

What are the results of the study?

It was found that a 15 percent difference in IQ increased the likelihood of being vegetarian by 38 percent. Even if factors such as social background and education were statistically adjusted, the link between intelligence and diet did not disappear, the researchers explained.

Vegetarian diet and heart diseases

According to Catharine Gale,  there is much evidence that vegetarian diets lower the risk of heart disease. Vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. The result of the new study could also explain why higher IQ scores correlated with a reduced risk of heart disease, the researchers informed.

Not only the diet but also the lifestyle plays a major role. It could also be concluded that lifestyle varies by IQ, which also has implications for health.


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