Burger King Opens Two Vegan Restaurants in Switzerland

Vegan Burger King restaurants

Like many other fast-food restaurants and chains, Burger King has expanded its vegetarian range enormously in recent years. Those who don’t want to eat meat can  eat vegan nuggets and various burgers. Now also the vegetarians from Switzerland can test the veggie products of Burger King because Burger King opens 2 vegan restaurants in Switzerland. Unfortunately, this concept will only exist for 10 days.

Like those in London and Germany, the restaurants in Switzerland also sell products created in cooperation with “The Vegetarian Butcher,” a company that produces sustainable meat substitute products. In addition, there are burgers with halloumi.

On the Swiss BK website, the company explains the environmental and climate benefits of vegetarian products from its perspective: “Our plant-based meatless patties cause up to 90 percent less CO₂ emissions than conventional beef patties.” The development of more meatless alternatives in Burger King’s range will continue after June, according to BK’s press office.

Where are the vegan Burger King restaurants in Switzerland?

The stores are one each in Basel and Geneva.




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