Do vegetarians smell better? | Do you stink like a garbage can?

do vegetarians smell better

I have already talked about nutrition and the smell of the human body in my article “Why do vegans smell bad?” and of course, I proved that vegans do not smell worse because they are vegan. Today I will deal with vegetarians and we will explore the topic “Do vegetarians smell better?

Of course, I won’t be giving too much different information as they are both related to nutrition and are very similar topics. But since there are differences between vegan and vegetarian diets other than eating meat, the effect of diet on body odor will be slightly different.

“You are what you eat‘” | Is it true?

Erica Matluch is a naturopathic doctor and a member of the One Medical Group. In an interview with Vice Magazine, she explained: “The relationship between food and body odor is a result of the interaction of several factors in a process consisting of several steps”

Every food has a certain chemical composition and every chemical composition has a certain smell. When we consume food, it is broken down into its smallest and tiniest particles. This is also a chemical reaction, which in turn is accompanied by odors.

In order to decompose and process food properly, we humans need certain enzymes. Some people have more of these enzymes, some less. This is why people smell differently when they eat certain foods.

However, the Enzymes, we have in our body are not the only reason for the body odor. Your diet also plays an important role.

Do vegetarians smell better?

In numerous vegan forums, vegans claim that vegetable lovers smell better. Is it true?

To answer a question like “Do vegetarians smell better”, we need to look at the research that has been done. Of course, if there is a question, there is certainly a study!

The Czech Republic is famous for its hearty cuisine.  Researchers at the University of Prague have dealt with this question and found an answer. They also wanted to know whether and how a vegetarian diet influences pheromones, the messenger substances that are supposed to decide whether we find someone attractive. In other words, does a meatless diet make you more attractive to the opposite sex?

17 young men were condemned to do without meat completely for two weeks. For them, it was mainly potatoes with melted cheese. The control group was given red meat every day. At the end of the experiment, sweat samples were taken from the armpits of all participants – and held under the noses of 30 young straight women who were not taking the contraceptive pill.

 Result of the study:

The women found the smell of the men in the vegetarian group more pleasant and less acrid. They also rated the associated carrier as more attractive. Of course, they did not know whether they were sniffing veggie or non-veggie sweat. Incidentally, both groups performed equally well in the “masculinity” scent category.

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