Does “That Vegan Teacher” have a kid?

does that vegan teacher have a kid

Who is “That Vegan Teacher”?

That Vegan Teacher was born in Montreal, Canada and is a former elementary school teacher and nurse. Does “That Vegan Teacher” have a kid?

She had a nursing license. She left her position as a nurse to work as a primary school teacher. She worked in French Canadian schools as an ESL instructor after earning her degree from Concordia University. When COVID-19 hit, The Vegan Teacher quit her job once more. Later, she was introduced to TikTok by a friend. She then signed up for the platform and began to produce vegan-related content.

Additionally, the former TikTok celebrity has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. On all of the platforms, she posts the same content. Instagram account of that Vegan Teacher has not yet undergone verification. The YouTube channel was started by her on July 21, 2018. She has over 196k subscribers now (December 15, 2022).

Has TikTok banned That Vegan Teacher?

Yes. She was removed from the platform because she had regularly broken its community rules. Her content was banned as a result of user complaints because it was hostile and offensive to several groups, particularly the LGBTQ community and people of color. Additionally, the popular YouTuber frequently criticized McDonald’s and well-known figures like Gordon Ramsey and Mr. Beast. Some people disagree with the way she expresses her opinions. They have exposed her for being insensitive, incredibly aggressive, and divisive as a result. As a result, TikTok canceled her account after receiving more than 20,000 signatures on a petition. Visit this site for more information:

Does “That Vegan Teacher have a kid?

According to this news article from 1999, That Vegan Teacher (Kadie Karen Diekmeyer)  has three kids: “A part-time nurse at the Lakeshore General Hospital and a busy homemaker and mother — her three kids range in age from 6 to 9 — she never played guitar until she picked one up two years ago,” the article informs.

This information is  difficult to find on the internet as she doesn’t usually talk about her children.

Where does That Vegan Teacher live?

She resides in Lasalle, Quebec, with her husband and canine companion.


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