How Do Vegans Deal with Pests?

How do vegans deal with pest?

Vegan Pest Control

I see vegetarianism and veganism as a revolution, one of the greatest revolutions of all time. Of course, in the process of such great revolutions, the questions asked will never end. In this article I would like to try to answer a question that I came across in a forum and that particularly puzzles the “creative minds” who are against veganism: How Do Vegans Deal with Pests?

What is veganism?

In many articles we have talked about what veganism and vegetarianism are – there is no need to repeat this in detail. In short, it is a way of living without harming any animals, without using any animals for human needs, in other words, leaving animals alone.

We leave animals alone, fine, but what if they don’t leave us alone?


How Do Vegans Deal with Pests?

How Do Vegans Deal with Pests?

Actually, we cannot say that they do not leave us alone. Because this world doesn’t belong only to us. Just because as a human being we can buy a plot of land doesn’t mean that we can exterminate all the living things on that land. The problem is that humans have created a broken, anti-natural system that absolutely needs to change. Animals live the way they are supposed to live, we are the ones who are destroying their nature.

We want to have a garden, we draw the boundaries of that garden and call it MY GARDEN. When we start planting, naturally, the creatures that lived there before us are confronted and we choose to kill them as a solution. MY GARDEN? It is not YOUR garden. You have to understand that! However, how should vegans deal with pests?

According to “The definition of veganism suggests the vegan way of life is followed “as far as is possible and practicable”. There are clearly some circumstances in which it is not practicable to follow the vegan credentials to the letter.”

I don’t agree with that. That sounds like “double moral standards” to me. When faced with a situation that is difficult to change, saying “as far as is possible” seems dishonest to me. If you do that, how do you explain it to people who are against veganism? How are you going to attract people to this revolutionary path? These people are already always looking for excuses not to be vegan. You are losing credibility with these “double moral standards”.

Unfortunately we are at the very beginning of the revolution. There are situations that are very difficult to adapt to. But we must do everything we can to minimize the damage to nature and animals until a definitive solution is found.


How Do Vegans Deal with Pests?


Vegan pest control for aphids and snails

Aphids and snails love beans, squash, zucchini, nasturtiums and lettuces. If you have the same problem, marigolds and lavender can help. Even if it does not always work 100%, it happens very often that these plants keep away aphids and slugs.

Yes, vegan pest control can be a real challenge. So what to do? As a vegan you do not want to kill these animals. You must rely on the use of natural “predators”. That should be good with your conscience to agree. So you also support the natural cycle and hopefully keep these little animals away from your garden in the long run.

1. Aphids

After some research, I found that in the case of aphid infestation, the use of ladybug larvae is profitable. There are also online stores that offer ladybug larvae. There are many people who confirm the success of this method.

Please note that you have to scare away resident ants, otherwise they can eat the larvae. After about 4-6 four days there should be no lice left.

2. Snails

Probably the easiest method to get rid of snails from the garden is to collect them. If you don’t want to touch them, you have to use natural enemies:

You can build 1-2 hedgehog houses. Hedgehogs would be wonderful to keep the snails away.

The method of watering the plants in the morning will be slightly successful. In summer the watering of the plants is usually put in the evening since the sun does not shine then so extremely on the plants. This brings the ideal slippery and residence surface for the primarily nocturnal slugs. If you move the watering to the morning hours, the plants get enough water and the snails do not have so much time to make themselves over the plants.

How to build a hedgehog house?

If you want to build a hedgehog house, take a look at this website for details.

Yes, being vegan can be difficult sometimes. But when you think about the outcome of these difficulties, I think it is worth facing them. After all, great revolutions have always been difficult and require seriousness.


Please let us know in the comments which methods you use in YOUR garden.


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