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You’ve decided to go vegan but you don’t feel full after eating? You’re not alone. Many people who try to go vegan always feel hungry at the beginning of a vegan diet, so they have the misconception that a vegan diet is not right. Do not worry. We will clarify this for you and answer any questions you may have. The first question we will answer is “How do vegans stay full?”.

How do vegans stay full?

Numerous factors might trigger cravings. Factors that are both physical and psychological may be involved.

Particularly, cravings that develop during or after switching to a whole-food plant-based diet sometimes have their roots in common mistakes made when implementing the new diet.

You should stay away from these common “mistakes” in order to successfully prevent food attacks (and the discomfort that follows). I hope the following five suggestions for overcoming cravings will be helpful!


1. Eat enough and regularly!

Lack of food energy intake, such as during dieting, is a typical cause of cravings. An ongoing calorie restriction causes an increase in food cravings. This frequently causes desires for high-calorie foods like sweets and greasy junk food like chips, burgers, and other such stuff.

But it’s possible that you won’t initially be able to meet your calorie needs when switching to a nutritious mixed diet while entirely vegan. Possibly even without being aware of it.

This is due to the fact that unprocessed plant meals often have fewer calories (but more nutrients) than processed foods or animal products. So even though a vegan meal is substantial, it might not adequately satisfy your need for energy.


2. Stop eating junk food


When you eat junk food like chips, crackers, or cakes, the processed carbs you consume do not fill you full as much as wholesome foods with the same number of calories. Contrary to protein and good fats, processed carbs do not cause the body to create serotonin, which the brain needs to convey the sensation of fullness. Additionally, processed carbs lack fiber.

How do vegans stay full
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3. Eat wholesome and nutritious

Additionally, it’s critical that you consume adequate food and energy. Additionally, make sure you provide your body the necessary nutrition. Because a nutritional shortage can sometimes encourage bothersome desires.

Your body will continue to signal hunger until it receives the nutrition it requires if your needs for some nutrients are not met. Therefore, even after your caloric demands have long been satisfied, you could still feel hungry, which encourages obesity.

You will suffer “cell hunger” if you do not provide your body with enough carbohydrates, protein, and lipids as well as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Strong food cravings could indicate that you are lacking certain nutrients.

Cravings for sweets, for example, can be the result of a “low carb” diet, in which you deprive your body of valuable carbohydrates, which it relies on as a source of energy.

How do vegans stay full


4. Do not eat processed vegan foods

Processed vegan foods such as soy cutlets, cheese alternatives and vegetable mayo are highly industrialized and usually contain only a small amount of nutrients. You take only “empty” calories and often also a lot of fat, sugar and unhealthy additives and flavor enhancers to you.

5. Food that keeps you full for a really long time


1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is ideal for starting the day. They provide valuable carbohydrates as well as proteins and saturate for a long time, because the fiber swells in the stomach. In addition, they can be combined excellently. Eat oatmeal with some yogurt, fresh fruit, honey and a few nuts or seeds. The morning can’t start any better, can it?

By the way, before the invention of artificial insulin, people used oatmeal to regulate blood sugar levels. Because the flakes keep the sugar level stable, they provide a lasting feeling of satiety. Thus, oatmeal is also a perfect snack for the afternoon.

Caution: Ready-made mixtures contain oat flakes, but also a lot of sugar. Therefore, it is better to create your own healthy breakfast.

2. Pulses

Beans and lentils provide a lot of protein and make you full for a long time. They also contain few calories, hardly any fat and are versatile in the kitchen. Try, for example, a delicious lentil soup. You can cook this wonderfully in advance and take it with you to the office. An exotic lentil or bean salad is a super alternative to potato salad at the next evening with friends.

Beans are a particularly good source of indigestible plant fiber. Just the indigestibility has a great advantage for us: The fibers of the bean sources in our body and thus provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety. As the fiber then moves through the digestive tract, it absorbs harmful substances from the body, which are then excreted.

Legumes include lentils and beans, as well as peas. Chickpeas are becoming increasingly popular with us as falafel or hummus. They are not only healthy but also taste great.

Do you always have to think of little Muck with his donkey ears when you think of dried figs? Don’t worry, you certainly won’t get those from the dried fruits. On the other hand, they keep you full for a long time, contain a lot of minerals and get our digestion going – two components that are not entirely unimportant for a slim figure.

3. Dried figs

Dried figs are particularly suitable as an afternoon snack when you already feel hungry, but it still takes a while until dinner. By the way, thanks to the high content of magnesium, dried figs also strengthen your muscles and nerves!

By the way, the delicious fruits are also among the top energy suppliers in the fresh version. How about yogurt, some nuts, some honey topped with figs? Totally delicious and filling

4. Whole Grain Products

Do you want to stay full longer? Then you should go for whole grain foods! Wholemeal flour contains a lot of dietary fiber. And they have it in itself: They stimulate the digestion, can prevent constipation and regulate your intestinal flora.

It is also true that whole grain products have more calories than other products, but they make you feel fuller for longer and you eat less throughout the day, which saves calories.

Therefore, if you eat whole grain bread instead of toast for breakfast, you will be full longer. Go for whole-grain rye bread or crispbread in particular. With cream cheese, cucumber, tomato and cress a healthy breakfast that tastes. Smoked salmon and egg also harmonize perfectly with wholemeal bread. You can find more great recipe ideas with whole grain bread in our gallery.



How do you stay full as a vegan? Do you have any tips? Leave a comment and let us know!


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