Is Architects Vegan? Interview With The Frontman Sam Carter

is architects vegan

On February 21, 2021, the band Architects released their last album “For Those That Wish To Exist”, marking their first number 1 album in the UK. In Germany, the band also managed to reach number 3 on the album charts.

After this absolutely considerable success, “Morecore” conducted an interview with the frontman Sam Carter and got answers to some questions from the fans. They also talked about the pandemic, and the eating habits of the band and answered the question: Is Architects vegan?

When was the “Architects” founded?

Architects, the British metalcore band, was founded in 2004. The group was formed in Brighton, England, and initially consisted of the founding members Tom Searle (guitar), Dan Searle (drums), Tim Hillier-Brook (guitar), Tim Lucas (bass), and Matt Johnson (vocals). Over the years, the band has gained significant recognition and popularity for their powerful music and thought-provoking lyrics.

Is “Architects” vegan?

Sam Carter answered this question in an interview with NTV.

Carter said:
I think in 2012 we started doing our homework on veganism. Initially, it was more about the health benefits. That’s when we started being a little more conscious about taking better care of ourselves. And once you get down the rabbit hole of veganism, you quickly discover that it’s not just about your health, but also about the climate.

All band members are vegan.

Is Architects Vegan?
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When did “Architects” go vegan?

Carter believes that they watched the documentary “Forkes Over Knives” and Tom or Dan said, “You can’t see this; just ignore it.”  They all five agreed that it was a healthy way to live. Carter thinks, that one of the most important things you can do to address the current climate issue is to take action. He beleives, it’s a technique to get a better night’s sleep and it  becomes very difficult to continue eating meat once you concentrate on the idea that an animal must die for you to consume a certain meal.

When did Sam Carter join “Architects”?

Sam Carter joined Architects as their lead vocalist in 2007. After the departure of their original vocalist, Matt Johnson, Sam Carter stepped in to fill the role and has been an integral part of the band ever since. Carter’s distinctive vocal style and passionate performances have helped define Architects’ sound and contributed to their success over the year

What genre is Architects?

Architects is primarily known as a metalcore band. However, their music incorporates elements from various subgenres, resulting in a unique and diverse sound. Over the years, Architects has evolved their style, blending elements of metalcore, post-hardcore, progressive metal, and alternative metal. Their music often features a combination of heavy breakdowns, aggressive riffs, melodic passages, and impactful lyrics. This fusion of genres has helped Architects establish their distinct identity within the metalcore and alternative music scene.

Has Architects won any awards?

es, Architects has received recognition and won several awards throughout their career. Here are some notable awards and achievements they have earned:

  1. Kerrang! Awards:
    • Best British Newcomer (2007)
    • Best Album for “Lost Forever // Lost Together” (2014)
    • Best Album for “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” (2016)
    • Best British Band (2017)
    • Best Album for “Holy Hell” (2019)
  2. Heavy Music Awards:
    • Best Album for “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” (2017)
    • Best Album for “Holy Hell” (2019)
  3. Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards:
    • Best Live Band (2013)
    • Best Album for “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” (2017)
    • Best UK Band (2018)
  4. Alternative Press Music Awards:
    • Best Underground Band (2017)
Is Architects Vegan
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What are some popular songs by Architects?

1. “Doomsday”

Released in 2017, this song became a massive hit and is considered one of Architects’ signature tracks. It showcases their powerful sound and emotional lyrics

2. “Gravity”

The band’s seventh studio album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016), including the thumping track “Gravity.” The song makes references to the importance of love and compassion before it is too late, according to vocalist Sam Carter. He went on to say that the majority of the album’s songs are sympathetic.

3. “A Match Made in Heaven”

This track is from the album “Lost Forever // Lost Together” (2014) and combines melodic elements with heavy breakdowns, demonstrating Architects’ dynamic style.

4. “These Colours Don’t Run”

Architects have written politically charged songs on various occasions using their freedom of expression. From the band’s 2012 album Daybreaker, “These Colours Don’t Run” is one of the most well-known politically charged ballads. The song expresses the band’s belief that human interference is destroying America. According to Tom Searle, the song is a general condemnation of hypocrisy.

5. “Animals”

In 2020, “Animals” was released as a single and quickly rose to popularity among listeners thanks to its contagious energy and insightful lyrics.

6. “A Wasted Hymn”

The dramatic ballad “A Wasted Hymn” concludes their 2018 album “Holy Hell” in a poignant and introspective manner, showcasing the depth of Architects’ emotions.

7. “Gravedigger”

The lead single from Architects’ 2014 album “Lost Forever // Lost Together” demonstrates their talent for fusing aggression and melody to create a catchy and powerful song.

8. “Royal Beggars”

A ferocious and heartfelt album from Holy Hell (2018) captured the band’s sorrow following Tom Searle’s passing. One of the songs from this album, “Royal Beggars,” has Tom Searle’s twin Dan musing on the status of humanity and how we should face issues rather than pretending they don’t exist. Dan admitted that he didn’t deal with his loss in the initial months after his brother’s passing, allowing him to wallow in misery and worry. He chose to ignore everything and make the best of his new situation.

9. “Modern Misery”

The number one song by Architects, “Modern Misery,” introduces us to the top 10. The track was included on the band’s 2018 album Holy Hell. The lyrics of “Modern Misery” make references to humanity’s slow demise through time. Sam Carter of the Architects sings in the song on how humanity changed from being a simple species that coexisted with nature to an existence filled with anguish, pain, and destruction. Architects used the oppressive workplace environment and technological preoccupation as examples of contemporary ills in the song’s music video.

10. “Nihilist”

This song is from the album “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” (2016) and showcases Architects‘ ability to deliver powerful instrumentation and emotionally charged lyrics.

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