Is Emily Deschanel vegan?

Is Emily Deschanel vegan?

Who is Emily Deschanel?

Emily (Erin) Deschanel is an actress. She was born on Oktober 11, 1987 in Los Angeles, California. After studying acting at the renowned Boston Private University, Emily Deschanel played her first small role at the age of 18 in the U.S. film comedy “2 Million Dollar Tip”. Is Emily Deschanel vegan?

Is Emily Deschanel vegan?

Yes, Emily Deschanel is vegan. After Deschanel saw a film about the meat and dairy industry at school as a teenager, she didn’t hesitate for a second and became a vegetarian overnight. Two years later, she even decided to do without animal products altogether and has been living vegan for almost 20 years.

Is Emily Deschanel vegan
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Does Emily Deschanel have children?

Yes, Emily Deschanel has 2 children: Henry Lamar Hornsby, Calvin Hornsby. Henry Lamar was born in 2011 and Calvin in 2014.

Is Emily Deschanel married?

In September 2010, Deschanel married her boyfriend David Hornsby, who is an American author and actor. He was born in Newport News, Virginia, on December 1, 1975. He is a cousin of musician Bruce Hornsby.

He grew up in Houston, Texas, and majored in acting at Carnegie Mellon University.

Who are Emily Dschanel`s parents?

Deschanels’ parents were both in the entertainment industry long before the birth of their daughter. Her father, Caleb Deschanel, is an Oscar-nominated cinematographer. He was first nominated for an Academy Award in cinematography in 1983 for the film “The Right Stuff,” followed by “The Natural” in 1984 and “Fly Away Home” in 1996. 2000’s “The Patriot,” 2004’s “The Passion of Christ,” and 2018’s “Never Look Away” also all netted him nominations. He is also a member of the National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress.

Her mother, Mary Jo Deschanel, is an actor. She is perhaps best known for playing recurring character Eileen Hayward in “Twin Peaks.”  She went on to appear in the movie “The Patriot” and had roles in “Law and Order: Trial by Jury” and “Ruby Sparks,” and portrayed Hayward again in “Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces” in 2014.

Emily Dschanel`s parents
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