Is Guinness vegan? | Unique and innovative filter system

Traditionally, Guiness has been made without the clarification process using isinglass. That’s why vegans had to do without the world-renowned beer. However, in 2017, St. James’s Gate Brewery launched an alternative filter system that eliminates the use of the animal ingredient “isinglass” in the production of Guinness beer. So is Guinness vegan?

What is Isinglass?

Isinglass is a substance derived from the dried swim bladders of fish, and it is widely used as a collage to clarify or fine beer and wine. As brewing technology has evolved,  St. James Gate Brewery has introduced an innovative new filtration system that does not use isinglass. The new system was first tested in casks with Guinness Draft in 2017. Upon successful completion, St. James Gate Brewery moved forward to isinglass-free production of bottle and can formats of Guinness Draft.

Is Guinness vegan
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The recipe or flavor has not been changed, but because production is now free of animal ingredients, Guinness is now suitable for vegans. Other manufacturers have also recognized the market potential in this segment and are increasingly focusing on vegan alternative products.

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