Is Joey Carbstrong Still Vegan? (2024)

Joey Carbstrong still vegan

Joey Carbstrong is a well-known YouTuber and activist. He started his Youtube career in 2015. In addition to Youtube, he has also appeared on many television programs. Joey’s motivation for starting his YouTube channel was to help change and support people like him who were on the wrong path. After 7 years, has Joey changed his path? Is Joey Carbstrong still vegan?

Who is Joey Carbstrong?

Joey Carbstrong was born on November 26, 1988, in Adelaide, Australien. According to his website, Joey was a gang member and addicted to drugs. Joey received a six-month prison sentence after deciding to give up the gang life. During this time, Joey had a chance to reflect on his life, his past and his future and realized that he was on the wrong path and decided to give up his harmful habits, not to harm any living being and to find the right path.

Shortly after starting his YouTube career, he met Gary Yourofsky, an animal activist. Joey feels that Gary had a big influence on his way to veganism and vegan activism.

Is Joey Carbstrong still vegan?

Yes, Joey Carbstrong is still vegan. We hear that many vegan Youtubers quit veganism after a few years, but when we watch Joey’s videos, we realize that he will never make a U-turn on veganism.

Joey is not just a vegan or a vegan for health reasons. Joey has chosen veganism purely to defend animal rights. He is a vegan activist and has been taking action against the big corporations in his country. He shares these actions with his followers on his YouTube channel, which has 150 thousand followers. One of these major actions was the Pilgrim’s action.

What kind of a company is Pilgrim’s UK?

Pilgrim’s UK is a division of Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, one of the world’s largest poultry producers. Pilgrim’s UK operates in the United Kingdom and is primarily involved in the production, processing, and distribution of poultry products.

Pilgrim’s UK supplies a wide range of poultry products to retailers, food service companies, and the food manufacturing industry. Their product portfolio includes fresh chicken, pre-cooked chicken, portioned chicken cuts, value-added chicken products, and various other poultry items.

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Shiking Video from Joey Carbstrong about Pilgrim`s UK

About two weeks ago Joey Carbstrong posted a video on his YouTube channel. In this video, 4 pigs are forcibly crammed into a metal cage about a meter square and gassed to death.

Joey Carbstrong claimed that this footage was filmed at Pilgrim`s UK and that hidden cameras were installed by him and his team.

Note: Please do not watch with your kids!

A few days after activist Joey Carbstrong shared this information, Pilgrim`s UK announced the closure of the Ashton-under-Lyne site. Was this caused by Joey`s videos?

Ashton-under-Lyne site to close according to Pilgrim’s UK

The Ashton-under-Lyne location of Pilgrim’s UK has been announced for closure, putting 542 employees at risk of losing their jobs.

In order to guarantee that Pilgrim’s UK has the optimal structure for long-term growth and development and for managing the current unfavorable market conditions in the UK, the closure is reportedly a part of the company’s continuing footprint review.

It has suggested shutting down the location and moving current operations to its facilities in Spalding, Westerleigh, and Bromborough, which would bring 90 new jobs.

According to Rachel Baldwin, vice president of human resources at Pilgrim’s UK, “the decision to propose the closure of our Ashton site has not been taken lightly and we have made every effort to explore alternative options.”

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