Is Lions Prep really vegan?

Is Lions Prep really vegan?

When you order a vegan meal from a food delivery service, you logically expect a meal that is 100% vegan. One such food delivery service that offers vegan meals is Lions Prep. Is Lions Prep really vegan? A Reddit user proved that not all vegan dishes at Lios Prep are 100% vegan.

Is Lions Prep really vegan?

Acoording to Lions Prep`s website, it is the Uk`s highest rated meal delivery service. They promise to deliver high quality, healthy food to your doorstep.There are different meal plans that you can choose and the meal is delivered to your home. 

A Reddit user shared a picture in a vegan group of the delivery slip he got from Lions Prep and wrote: “My vegan Lions Prep meal isn`t vegan.” He had ordered a vegan “Red Thai Tofu Curry With Sticky Jamine Rice and Stir Fried Vegetables.” Unfortunately, he found that the ingredients included fish oil and crustaceans. Can such a mistake happen by “the Uk`s highest rated meal delivery service”?

Is Lions Prep really vegan?

How much does Lions Prep cost?

It depends on the menu you choose. You will see the weekly price once your plan has been created. Approximately for £100 you can get breakfast/snack, lunch and dinner for a week.

Where does Lions Prep source their food from?

According to Lions Prep website, the company source every ingredient it uses from local farms and markets such as Billingsgate fish Market, Smithfields Meat Markets, Borough Market and New Spitalfields Market. We ensure our produce is always super fresh and of the highest quality.They guarantee their customers to always use fresh high quality products.

How long do the meals last?

If meals are kept chilled after delivery, they will remain fresh for three days. Please freeze the meals as soon as they are delivered if you want to consume them more than four days later to preserve freshness. Please remove your food from the freezer the night before consumption and place it in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours to thaw.

Does Lions Prep offer halal food?

Yes, they offer a totally Halal menu and all of their meat is Halal certified.

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