Is Nate Diaz vegan? (2023)

Is Nate Diaz vegan

Nate Diaz is one of the most successful MMA fighters. He even won against the big-mouthed Conor McGregor and ended his trash talk. There are different opinions on the internet about the successful fighter’s diet, with many websites claiming that Nate Diaz is vegan. Is Nate Diaz vegan?

Nathan Donald ‘Nate’ Diaz is an American professional mixed martial artist. He was born on April 16th, 1985. The athlete of Mexican descent, who attended Tokay High School, followed his call as a martial artist at the age of 11. He began martial arts training with his older brother Nick, a former WEC welterweight champion and Strikeforce welterweight champion.

Nate Diaz doesn’t like to credit his skills and toughness for his upbringing because it’s a cliché, but he admits coming from a rough neighborhood made him who he is today. Simply put, he has struggled all his life.

Is Nate Diaz vegan?

No, Nate Diaz is not vegan. In an interview, he said he is not 100 percent vegan and eats eggs. However, when he prepares for a fight, he is on a raw vegan diet and eats vegetables.

Diaz said in an interview:

“I like to promote the vegan industry. I hear a lot of criticism from people saying you need meat to be strong and for recovery, and it’s a bunch of bullsh*t, because I train harder than everybody.

“It’s so easy to argue with these people. I’m like, ‘Dude, have you done a tenth of what I’ve done?'”

Nate Diaz’s diet has been described as primarily plant-based, and he has expressed his preference for vegan options. However, he is not 100 percent vegan. He consumes eggs.

As an athlete who needs to perform at a high physical level, his diet varies depending on his training and fights.

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