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In our previous posts, we shared with you a list of some vegan and vegetarian celebrities. Today, we would like to talk about “the one and only” Paul McCartney. Is Paul McCartney vegan or vegetarian?

Sir James Paul McCartney is a British musician, songwriter, composer, as well as a music producer, painter, and film producer. He became best known as the singer and bassist of the band The Beatles, for which he co-wrote most of the songs with John Lennon. The composer partnership Lennon/McCartney and also McCartney himself are considered the most successful songwriters in the history of pop music. McCartney’s track Yesterday is the most played pop song of all time.

Is Paul McCartney vegan or vegetarian?

According to CNBC, Paul McCartney first gave up meat in the late 1970s. Since then, he has followed a strict vegetarian diet, refusing to consume meat or wear leather. He has spoken out on animal rights concerns numerous times over the past 40 years, but he is not vegan.

In 2007, Paul Mc Cartney shared in an interview with The Guardian:

“We were in the kitchen at the farm, sitting down to the usual roast Sunday lunch … and through the window, we could see all these little lambs, a great big gang of them, doing that cute thing that lambs do, you know, where they all run to one end of the field.”

Paul McCartney invested in a meat substitute Company

Now, the 79-year-old ex-Beatle has invested in the Singapore-based meat substitute company Next Gen Foods through his London-based investment company MPL Ventures, as the start-up announced in February. The company was founded in 2020 by German-born Timo Recker, who offers a plant-based chicken meat substitute under the product name “Tindle.” After a series of restaurants in Asia, the entrepreneur is now launching in the U.S. market with outlets in Los Angeles and New York, among other cities.

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