Is Stacey Solomon vegan? (2023)

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There are people who are curious about the eating habits of famous names and perhaps want to follow in their footsteps. A while ago, we gave answers to whether names such as Ricky Gervais, Joss Stone, and Zendaya are vegan. Today we will talk about Stacey Solomon Is Stacey Solomon vegan?

Who is Stacey Solomon? Is Stacey Solomon vegan?

We see more and more people turn to Google for information about veganism and vegetarianism. These days, when the diet is more important than ever, it is a matter of curiosity whether the celebrities and influencers of millions of people are vegan or vegetarian. One of them is Stacey Solomon.

Singer and presenter, Solomon, was a finalist on The X Factor in 2013. The next year, she won the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here award, and that’s how she became famous. The next discussion was whether Solomon, who attracted attention with her presentation in Loose Women, was vegan. The famous server, who actively uses her social media accounts, does not live in a house with a vegan diet. Still, it is possible to say that she has a healthy and balanced diet.

Is Stacey Solomon vegan

Although there is no official statement, it is clear that Stacey Solomon is not vegan. Because she clearly eats meat and meat products. You can See it in her social media posts.

The presenter and singer shares the breakfast jars she prepares with milk, and the dishes she prepares with egg bread and similar animal foods on her social media account.

According to Hello Magazine:

‘What does Stacey Solomon eat? In one of her Instagram posts, Stacey shared a photo of a roast dinner she cooked by herself featuring Yorkshire puddings, sliced meat, roast potatoes, and stuffing.

As the eating habits of famous names continue to be curious, we will continue to prepare such content for you. You can share your thoughts with us in the comments or you can learn the opinions of others by sharing them with your other friends on your social media accounts.


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