Vegan Clothing Brands Australia

Vegan Clothing Brands Australia

Vegan brands have increased significantly, especially in recent years. Hundreds of new and environmentally conscious vegan brands have been established in regions such as Canada, the USA, and Australia. We have talked about US-based vegan brands before. Now we will talk about Australia with hundreds of vegan brands. Vegan Clothing Brands Australia!

Vegan brands do not only sign products that are not made with animal furs or leather. Some brands also use 100% recyclable materials in their collections. Some use high-quality materials, while others are truly affordable and suitable for everyday use. Vegan brands established in Australia are also quite diverse.

Unreal Fur

Established in Melbourne, Australia, Unreal Fur is one of the region’s best-known vegan brands. Launching the latest fashion designs with vegan alternatives, Unreal Fur continues its existence with faux fur jackets, thick coats, and many colorful collections.


It is both a vegan and sustainable casual clothing brand. Producing 100% vegan products from soft, comfortable, and breathable bamboo viscose, BOODY is known for its durable products. The brand defines itself as an animal-friendly brand that supports eco-production by using sustainable materials and promoting fair production.


AC, which defends the circular economy by adhering to design principles, produces contemporary and timeless bags and accessories. This brand, which is Australian, brings products to life with both eco-fabric and cactus leather. AC, takes care to use environmentally friendly materials and keeps the use of water and wastewater to a minimum while limiting its chemical use in its production.

Luna + Sun

Luna + Sun, which stands out for its simple designs, is a brand that opposes animal cruelty. It is approved by Ethical Clothing Australia, a brand known in Australia for its large size.


The vegan clothing brand produces trendy and comfortable clothing for both women and men. Etiko has a shoe collection that does not use heavy chemicals. The brand does not harm any animals in the production of these shoes and they are quite stylish. Men’s and women’s clothing collections are quite diverse.

Little Emperor

Little Emperor, a children’s clothing brand, produces clothes for children aged 2 to 8 years. Little Emperor, which uses healthy and durable materials as it is a children’s wear, has collections made of organic cotton. Each garment is designed in Sydney, Australia, and reaches customers in various regions. Little Emperor donates 1% of its sales to nonprofits.


Adhering to ethical principles, Bhumi produces organic and vegan products. Defining itself as a sustainable luxury brand, Bhumi continues its adventure in Australia at full speed.


The brand, which uses renewable energy in its supply chain, is based in Australia. Afends, which produces its products from organic hemp, is inspired by minimalism.


The brand, which has been serving with understated but luxurious products since 2012, enters the Australian fashion world with a daily yet luxurious line.

Dharma Bums

The high-performance sportswear brand offers products that adhere to ethical principles and are made entirely in Australia. Dharma Bums, which does not use any animal products, appeals to a wide audience with different size options.

Vegan Clothing Brands Australia

Vege Threads

Producing all its products in Australia, the brand offers sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing alternatives.


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