Vegan Honest Burger in London

Vegan Honest Burger

Honest Burgers Launches First Vegan Restaurant V Honest in London

V Honest, a plant-based eatery in London’s Covent Garden, launched on January 20. It will run out of delivery kitchens all across London.

The Honest, Tribute, and Chilli burgers, among others, are available. However, there are some new vegan honest burger alternatives on the menu to try.

Vegan Honest Burger

Honest Burgers co-founder Tom Barton said “Since we launched our first vegan and flexitarian burgers at Honest back in 2018, we’ve seen them go from strength to strength.

“But we just don’t have space in our Honest Burgers kitchens to put more plant-based burgers on the menu so we felt the best thing to do was to give them a home of their own.

“V Honest is that home and it gives us the chance to spend even more time developing brand new burgers, collaborations and showcasing some of the best vegan food in the country.”

What’s new on the menu?

The Honest and Tribute burgers have vegan versions, and the Buffalo, Pesto, Teriyaki, and Chilli burgers are added to the menu. At this time, we only have full specifications on the Teryaki, which is a plant-based burger patty made with Fable pulled shiitake mushrooms, teriyaki sauce, Applewood vegan cheese, grilled peppers, umami mayo, and lettuce.
In January, that will be offered at all Honest Burger locations.

Where is V Honest?

17 Garrick Street, London WC2E 9BL

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Instagram @honestburgers.

If you can’t make it to the restaurant on Garrick Street in Covent Garden next week, keep a look out for delivery-only kitchens, which will be springing up all around town.

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