Vegan Meat Alternatives: Soy, Tofu, Seitan and More

Vegan Meat Alternatives

Now we know that vegans don’t eat any animal products. So if vegans don’t eat meat, what do they eat as meat alternatives? That’s exactly what we will give you the answer to. Here are some vegan meat alternatives:

As a reminder, vegans also do not eat products containing a small amount of animal content. Foods that vegans do not consume on a basic basis can also be explained as follows:

-Gelatin (prepared from collagen taken from animal body parts), which is used in many sweets, like fruit snacks and any sweet drinks
-Confectioner’s glaze, which is a sweet glaze that contains shellac, made from crushed bugs
-Egg on the outside of baked goods
-Natural flavors derived from chicken or dairy

Vegan Meat Alternatives

Vegans largely do not eat meat and fish derivatives, which are the largest known sources of protein. For this reason, it becomes very important for vegans to consume products containing the right amount of protein.

Soy will come to mind first. However, there are many more meat alternatives. Tofu, which is produced from soybeans, is ranked as one of the most important of these sources. Instead of consuming tofu simply, diversifying it with spices and sauces increases the taste. All types of lentils and beans are also the source of protein for vegans, that is, alternative foods to meat.

And then there’s an aroma called seitan. Seitan, or wheat gluten, is derived from gluten, the protein in wheat. This food, obtained from wheat flour or starch, not only gives meat flavor to vegan foods but also gives the feeling of eating meat as a texture. Some nuts, both in terms of protein and containing healthy fats, are also preferred by vegans. Nuts such as walnuts, cashews, nuts, and peanuts are preferred by vegans because of their high nutritional value.

Vegan foods with high protein value:

-Tofu, tempeh (Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food, made from fermented soya beans) and edamame
-Nutritional yeast
-Spelt and teff
-Hemp seeds
-Green peas
-Jackfruit: Jackfruit, the fruit of a tropical tree grown in Asia, Africa, and South America, is a fruit we see often, especially in Instagram videos. This fruit has a very healthy and fibrous structure. In this way, it can give a ‘meat taste’ when eaten raw or cooked.

Vegan Meat Alternatives

Protein content in about 30 grams:

-Walnuts: 4.5 grams
-Almonds: 6 grams
-Cashews: 4.5 grams
-Chia seeds: 6 grams
-Flax seeds: 6 grams
-Hemp seeds: 9.5 grams
-Sunflower seeds: 5.5 grams
-Pumpkin seeds: 8.5 grams

Popular brands of vegan meat alternatives:

-Beyond Meat: Their products are vegan and free of GMOs, gluten, and soy.
-Gardein: Gardein makes a variety of widely available, ready-to-use meat substitutes.
-Tofurky: Their products are made from tofu and wheat gluten, so they are unsuitable for gluten- or soy-free diets.
-Yves Veggie Cuisine: Yves Veggie Cuisine vegan products include burgers, deli slices, hot dogs, and sausages, as well as ground “beef” and “sausage.”
-Lightlife: Their products are non-GMO verified and certified vegan.
-MorningStar Farms

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