Vegetarian Frozen Food Brands | Hamburger, Italian Risotto and More

Vegetarian Frozen Food Brands

Frozen meals are a boon, especially for people who work and don’t have time to cook. People who can’t cook, do not have time, surrender themselves to healthy frozen food alternatives. So, what should vegetarians do? In fact, there are so many healthy options, vegan and vegetarian. Here are some vegetarian frozen food brands for you!

Vegetarian frozen food brands: Dozens of them are waiting for you in the refrigerators of the markets!

Most of the time, when frozen food options are evaluated, they come to mind as unhealthy. It is thought that the nutritional values ​​in it die or decrease because it is frozen. However, today’s food industry has developed so much that it is possible to consume healthy frozen foods without losing their nutritional value. If you think your options are much more limited, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian, you are wrong!

Which brands have products among the vegetarian options?

Morning Star Farms, Gardein, Sweet Earth, Tattooed Chef, Healthy Choice, Amy’s, Kashi, Impossible Food, Van’s, Lucky, Beyond Meat’s, Alpha Foods, Daiya and Boca.

Vegetarian Frozen Food Brands

Apart from the brands, there are also markets with vegan and vegetarian foods, and they can be listed as follows: Whole Foods, Lassens, Sprouts, StarLine Cuisine.

The frozen products offered by the brands mostly contain popular dishes. For example, there are the most options on the hamburger side. Dozens of vegetarian hamburger patties with delicious and healthy sources are served frozen.

There are even brands that have been offering plant-based seafood for a while, surprisingly. Gardein’s Golden Fishless Filets and Crabless Cakes as well as Quorn’s Fishless Sticks.

Vegetarian Frozen Food Brands

Mexican food is very close to being vegetarian in many ways. That’s why vegetarian versions of Mexican food are so delicious. For example, Amy’s Bowls Tortilla Casserole and Black Beans have delicious and healthy. This bowl’s focus is soft corn tortilla strips layered with a Mexican tomato sauce and cheese. Tofu adds protein and it blends in the cheesy layers nicely. The values in such a frozen meal are as follows:

Calories 390;

Fat 18g (sat 6g);

Protein 17g;

Carb 41g;

Fiber 10g;

Sugars 6g;

Chol 25mg;

Iron 4mg;

Sodium 780mg;

Calc 300mg

Who doesn’t love an Italian Risotto? Vegetarian risotto, which can be found among the frozen food options, is also prepared in a very practical way. Lean Cuisine Marketplace Mushroom & Spring Pea Risotto, brown rice is cooked with cremini mushrooms, sweet peas, and Parmesan cheese to create a savory, creamy risotto.

When served with fresh greens, the result is truly incredible. Here are the nutritional values of this frozen food:

Calories 230;

Fat 6g (sat 3.5g);

Protein 7g;

Carb 37g;

Fiber 3g;

Sugars 1g ;

Chol 10mg;

Iron 2mg;

Sodium 640mg;

Calc 60mg

Do you use frozen vegan and vegetarian foods? Please let us know in the comments which product you use.



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