Was Hitler vegetarian or vegan? All you need to know about Hitler`s diet.

Was Hitler Vegetarian

Again and again, you read that Hitler was a vegetarian. Why do some people want to know if Hitler was a vegetarian or vegan? Doesn’t that make any difference? Why do some people constantly try to find something “good” in Hitler? Is the reason that some people don’t want to or can’t believe that a human being can be as cruel as Hitler? Even if I don’t fully understand your interest in this, I will enlighten you with the correct information.

Was Hitler vegetarian?

What can be said with certainty is that Hitler liked animals. Hitler was an animal rights activist and shocked diners with gruesome descriptions of slaughterhouse carnage, so that “many guests felt sick,” his cook reported. Hitler biographer Robert Payne also points out that the image of an ascetic and vegetarian leader served as a propaganda construct, cultivated especially by the carnivorous Goebbels.

Besides that,  Hitler banned the sale of stuffed foie gras in Germany. But Hitler was not completely consistent: he loved stuffed pigeons. The filling was a mush of tongue, liver, and pistachios. One cook may recall that Hitler once said there was “nothing better than a liver dumpling.” The Führer also suffered from chronic constipation, for which he took up to 28 medications.

In November 1933, Hitler enacted the Reichstierschutzgesetz, which stated that animals were to be protected for their own sake. It was the most comprehensive animal protection law in the world up to that time. In a study, legal historian Winfried C. J. Eberstein writes that it “considerably improved the legal status of the animal.” Then in 1934 came the Reich Hunting Law, a year later the Nature Conservation Law, and in 1937 animal transport was legally regulated and these laws gave the Nazis worldwide prestige.

Hitlers Diet. What did Hitler eat?

We know what the dictator‘s daily menu looked like. It is certain that the Austrian-born dictator had no inclination for roasts and other meat dishes, but he did not necessarily impose his aversion on his dinner guests.

Hitler had his own diet cook. Since 1933, he was always cooked for by his own cook, from 1944 until the last lunch on April 30, 1945, in the Führerbunker by the dietician Constanze Manziarly. Other members of the large court around the dictator, however, usually received completely normal German home cooking.

In any case, the diet of the dictator is historically largely meaningless. Propagandistically, the “stew Sundays” were emphasized. For this purpose, Hitler also received guests in the Reich Chancellery, who are said to have arranged to meet afterward in a good Berlin restaurant.

Was Hitler vegetarian


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