What does Robertoa’s friend Tom do for a living?

Fans of one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels @RobertoVsTheWorld can look forward to new videos every day. Robertoa, the golden boy is unstoppable.

In the last videos you can see in the videos of Robertoa a man who likes fruity cocktails and Bali. His name is Tom and he is Robertoa`s best friend. Who is Tom?

In the videos you can see that Tom likes to stay in nice villas, visit the best cafes in Bali and have parties with Robertoa every day and covert he costs. Fans of Robertoa wonder what Tom does for a living?

What does Robertoa’s friend Tom do for a living?

In the video from 04/31/2023 tom has answered all the questions. He explained that he sells NFT’s and owns 2 online platforms. On his first platform you can store NFT’s, the other is an online casino. Besides, he has declared that he owns a lot of cryptocurrency.

What does NFT stand for?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. Doesn’t sound much more understandable? Let’s start at the beginning! “Fungible” is a term from economics that refers to a commodity or asset that can be exchanged for another commodity or asset of equal value. For example, a bill with a certain value in euros is fungible because it can be easily exchanged for another bill with exactly the same value.

If something is “non-fungible,” it means that it cannot be exchanged for something of completely equal value. A piece of land would not be fungible because each piece of land is unique and it would be difficult to impossible to find another piece of land with exactly the same value. Art is another example of a non-fungible asset, as its value is highly subjective – and this is where NFTs come in.


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