What is vegan leather called? | Types of vegan leather

In our post, “What is vegan leather made of?”,  we shared with you important information about vegan leather. Today, we will infrom you about the vegan leather types and share with you detailled information about them. What is vegan leather called?

What is vegan leather called?

What is vegan leather called?

Vegan leathers are divided into types called FauxLeather and PLeather.

Toxic substances can be released during the production of artificial leather types, which are translated into our language as fake leather and plastic leather. The chemicals, production processes and dyes used can cause toxicity. Beides that, artificial leather cannot easily dissolve in nature. On the contrary, it is known that vegan leathers are recyclable, sustainable and mostly made of natural fiber materials.

Today, both artificial leathers and vegan materials produced with environmental sensitivity are used under the name of vegan products, but in the near future, the distinction between artificial leather and vegan leather is expected to be made clearly in all sectors from automobiles to textiles. During product selection, you can question exactly which type of leather the shoes that are seen as vegan-containing are made of, and you can direct your choice in the light of this information.

Vegan standards, which prevent the use of animal-derived substances in the production and packaging of consumer products, continue to become widespread with increasing awareness on a global scale.

Although veganism is thought of as a diet, it actually means much more than nutrition, it is a multifaceted lifestyle. People who are vegan do not consume animal foods such as meat, milk, honey and their derivatives, and in addition to this, they choose the materials they use in their lives, clothing and footwear products from alternatives that do not contain any animal products. The vegan lifestyle, which is guided not by bans or restrictions but by personal choices within the framework of ethical values, reveals a point of view rather than a habit.

Vegan Leather vs Faux Leather

Vegan leathers are made from plant fibers such as cork, pineapple, coconut or environmentally friendly synthetic materials. The fact that vegan leather is environmentally friendly is the criterion that distinguishes it from artificial leather. Faux leather, on the other hand, is mainly known for being a more economical imitation of leather and there is no clear evidence that it is produced with environmental sensitivity.Artificial leathers do not contain animal ingredients, but some of them are produced in not very environmentally friendly forms with the support of petroleum-based chemicals. While vegan leather is required to be environmentally friendly, artificial leathers do not have an environmentally-based production approach. Since veganism brings sustainability, respect for the right to life and environmental awareness within the ethical framework, it cannot be easily said that artificial leathers are vegan.

Vegan leather vs natural leather

If we consider the positive and negative differences between vegan leather and natural leather in terms of use;

  • Vegan leather is cheaper than natural leather and has a longer lifespan because it is a more durable, water-resistant material.
  • Vegan leather is much easier to care for than natural leather; it does not need dyes and protective care products, can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and cleaning sponge, and is very affordable. You can find a product made from vegan leather for half the price of a product made from natural leather, or even less.

How do we know if the shoes are made of vegan leather?

If you want a pair of casual shoes to be vegan, it is unlikely that you will be able to differentiate the product by looking at the shoes, unless the brand provides information about this. Although professionals can distinguish materials by looking and touching, it seems quite difficult for consumers to access this expertise. Even if you choose espadrille shoes made only from textiles, it is almost impossible to be sure that the glue and paint are vegan. You should consult the brand’s declaration, get product registrations, material information in detail and shop from brands you trust. Only in this way can you be sure that you are really buying vegan shoes.

  • Rubber and foam materials are used on the soles of vegan shoes. Eva foam is preferred in summer shoe models.
  • Adhesives made from vegetable and synthetic ingredients are used in shoes.
  • Environmental protection awareness is reproduced with recyclable materials.
  • Vegan shoes are close to other shoes in terms of quality, durability and workmanship, but may be a little weak in terms of comfort.


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