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Who is Robertoa?

Today we would like to introduce you to a young man who will sweeten your day after a stressful day at work. I call him the “Golden boy of YouTube” . How can I describe this “golden boy”? Who is Robertoa?

Who is Robertoa?

Robertoa is a Macedonian living in Sweden. He is a YouTuber, who started his career 3 years ago. His first videos on YouTube appeared on his YouTube-Channel in  2020.

He shared the good news with his followers yesterday. He has reached his first goal, 100,000 subscribers. Finally!

He has been in Thailand for about 5 months and wants to leave Thailand in the next. Where will Robertoa go? This is a secret and in the next few days we will know.

How old is Robertoa?

There is no exact information about Robertoa`s age. Because when you watch his videos, Robertoa’s age changes according to the girls and ladyboys he meets. Sometimes he is 35, sometimes 29 and sometimes 24 years old.

Where does Robertoa come from?

As with his age, the question of where he comes from is a bit complicated. Sometimes he is Brazilian, sometimes Swedish, sometimes Macedonian. But we have certain information on this. Robertoa is a Macedonian living in Sweden.

Why is he so popular?

The answer is clear! He is the way he is, he doesn’t pretend in front of the camera. Besides, he inspires many young people with his way of life. He is energetic, has a positive aura and simply enjoys life. His positive charisma is contagious.

For more information about Robertoa, visit his website www.robertoa.com or his Youtube-chanel.

This post will be updated!

Image source: Robertoa`s Instagram-Account

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