Why do vegans look old?

Why do vegans look old?

Last week I read a very interesting article about veganism and aging skin. The question was: ” Why do vegans look old? “. The topic interested me very much and I started to research. Of course, I was very careful about the quality of the sources.

This article claims that vegans look old. Do vegans look old? If so, why do they look old? Did the vegan haters spread moronic information? Was it the vegan haters? Let’s clarify that with scientific facts.

Why do vegans look old?

To understand whether there is a connection, we should first clarify why our skin ages. We have to understand the skin aging process.

What causes skin aging?

The skin is composed of three different layers: the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. Each of these layers can age and show different, visible signs of aging. Skin aging is not based on one cause, but on a combination of internal and external factors.

1. Poor blood circulation accelerates the skin aging process

The upper layers of the skin receive less oxygen and nutrients because of inadequate blood circulation. The youthful glow that is characteristic of skin that is younger diminishes, and the skin seems duller.

2. Genetic factors promote skin aging

Another key component in skin aging is genetics. How quickly the skin surface ages depends on both ethnic background and inborn skin type. For instance, pale, sensitive skin ages more quickly than Asian skin, which frequently has uneven skin tone and ages more slowly.

3. Smoking makes the skin look old faster

Free radicals in the skin increase as a result of the nicotine and chemicals in cigarettes. They cause oxidative stress and worsen the consequences of sun exposure, just like air pollution.

4. Sun causes wrinkles

Exposure to solar radiation is the primary external factor responsible for skin aging due to oxidative stress. Photoaging, which also results in uneven pigmentation, is the skin damage brought on by regular, extended exposure to UV light.

5. Air pollution stresses the skin

A few years ago it was discovered that air pollution ages human skin. The skin is exposed to air pollution, most severely in cities. This can trigger the release of the skin-damaging free radicals.

6. From the age of 25, the collagen content decreases by about 1% each year.

The elastin content decreases. Hyaluronic acid production slows down, skin structure changes, blood circulation deteriorates, and skin cells bind less water. Skin loses its ability to withstand damage, making it more susceptible.

According to dermatologists,  the decrease of elastin and collagen has been identified as the main cause of skin aging. Also the protein, hyaluronic and fatty tissue content in the skin decreases. The composition of each skin is individual, therefore there are always deviations from the norm.

As you can also see the first 5 points are not only for vegans but for all people. Can the decrease in elastin and collagen be the reason?

If we look at the points of what we can do to prevent skin aging, we see that it can not be true that vegans look older than others.

Why do vegans look old?

The skin aging process

Phase 1 – from the age of 25

Due to poorer blood circulation in the skin, oxygen and nutrient transport as well as cell renewal decrease. The skin becomes drier, the first wrinkles appear (especially around the mouth and eyes) and veins may appear.

Phase 2 – from the age of 35

The sebaceous glands secrete less oil and the skin binds smaller amounts of moisture. A lack of collagen causes the connective tissue to slacken and wrinkles in the neck area increase.

Phase 3 – from the age of 45

The hormone level drops, the blood circulation becomes worse and worse and thus wrinkles start to form, especially in the area of the décolleté.

Phase 4 – from the age of 55

Now, in addition to cell renewal, muscle strength also decreases, which is why the elasticity of the skin becomes less and less. In addition, age spots become visible.

What can you do against skin aging processes in your face?

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun
  • A healthy diet against premature wrinkling (A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables ensures that sufficient antioxidants are absorbed to curb the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin.)
  • Quit smoking
  • The right skin care slows down the skin aging process

Why do vegans look old?

A healthy lifestyle, e.g. abstaining from nicotine and alcohol, as well as incorporating sports and a balanced diet into everyday life is the basis for healthy aging of the skin. Protection against UV radiation also plays a crucial role. Do you know any dermatologist who recommends his patients consume more collagen against skin aging?

The decrease of elastin and collagen might be one of the causes of skin aging, however, you will not look older, when you stop eating meat.

Everyone Will Age

Everyone will age and we have to accept it. Although you can’t escape aging, you can slow it down considerably by taking good care of your skin, following a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet. There isn’t a particular answer to the question, “At what age do you start looking old?” This is due to individual factors that cause people to age, and even what individuals consider to mean by “looking old.”

Besides taking care of your skin, eating healthily and working out are incredibly crucial for ensuring that your body doesn’t decline as you age, either.

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