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The world is changing and nothing stays the same. If we told you that the giant fashion industry was going to change completely, you probably wouldn’t believe it. However, the industry as we know it is changing so much that many new alternatives are emerging. This is exactly why the vegan clothing option emerges.  So which brands should you choose as a vegan? It’s hard to give a definitive answer to that. Because famous and luxury brands also have ‘vegan’ collections. That’s why we’ve included environmentally friendly brands, focus only on plant-based clothing, and incorporate innovative ideas. Here is a Vegan Clothing Brands USA list:

Girlfriend Collective

The brand does not only produce vegan products but also argues that no rules for the female body are needed. Girlfriend Collective, a sustainable women’s sportswear brand, turns plastic bottles into high-performance sportswear. Although the brand is based in the USA, can be purchased in the USA, England, Australia, and Canada. Worldwide sales are also available. It is the most well-known among vegan clothing brands in the USA.

Tree Tribe

The brand that plants ten trees for each sale is the outdoor brand. Tree Tribe, which has planted more than 400,000 trees so far. It is innovative, too. All products are handmade and vegan. No tree is harmed in the production of products obtained from leaf leather. Although all products are produced by Thai artisans, the center of the brand is the USA. The prices of the products of this environmentally-friendly vegan brand can be positioned as low or medium.


BC Footwear

BC Footwear, which defines its brand as: ‘We want to do our part to make the world a kinder place, so all BC shoes are made of 100% cruelty-free components and are PETA-certified vegan.’ The Los Angeles-based brand emphasizes that they are not only vegan but also 100 % cruelty-free products.

Brave Gentleman

Based in New York, USA, the company focuses on lifestyle menswear. Breaking new ground among US vegan clothing brands, Brave Gentleman is known as the first vegan men’s clothing brand. Vegan menswear company produces sustainable, organic, recycled minimal lines and is produced using high technology.

Wolven Threads

Designing products in categories such as activewear, swimwear, and loungewear, Wolven Threads is inspired by nature. The Los Angeles-based American clothing brand, besides being vegan, ensures ethical standards and focuses on animal love. The price scale can be classified as medium.

Happy Earth Apparel

Happy Earth Apparel stands out as a sustainable, vegan, nature-friendly, and environmentally sensitive brand. The US-based organic clothing brand plants trees through partnerships with nonprofits. The brand, which struggles with climate change, also helps to and cleaning up trash.


GUNAS, which takes its place among vegan clothing Brands USA with ‘specially designed’ products, is one of the most famous. If you are looking for a specially designed and vegan brand, GUNAS may be the brand you are looking for. The products of the brand, which offers vegan solutions to both animal skin and plastic, are also unique. It’s made of a cotton base coated with mulberry leaf pulp, which has its own silky shine and makes it as water-proof, weather-proof, and strong as silk. Among the dozens of references of the brand, there are also famous names such as Vogue, Netflix, and Bazaar.

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