Is Jeremy Rifkin vegetarian? (2023)

Is Jeremy Rifkin a vegetarian?

Jeremy Rifkin advises governments and politicians around the world. He has been campaigning for a more environmentally friendly form of economy for decades and has written 21 books, including the bestsellers “Third Industrial Revolution,” “The Hydrogen Economy” and “The Green New Deal”. The people who love his work and books naturally ask themselves whether a person like Jeremy Rifkin, who deals so much with the environment, climate change, energy, etc. is vegan or vegetarian? 


Is Jeremy Rifkin vegetarian?

Rifkin has been a vegetarian since 1977. In his book “Beyond Beef“, he describes the fatal consequences of modern factory farming for the environment and for our health. Bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin reveals the background.

He provides staggering facts against man’s mad cow disease. About 25 percent of South America’s rainforests have been cleared to make way for cattle grazing, he says. The water and fuel consumed by cattle farming contribute twice as much to environmental pollution as the total pollutant emissions of North American industry.


Is Jeremy Rifkin a vegetarian

Jeremy Rifkin Net Worth

According to ncertpoint, Jeremy Rifkin nerth worth is $ 1.9 Million.

Jeremy Rifkin’s books

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