Should you close the oven door after cooking?

Should you close the oven door after cooking

In our home we have many electronic appliances with lids and doors that we use for cooking and cleaning. One of them is the oven. One question that comes to our minds every time we use the oven is: Should you close the oven door after cooking?

One of the appliances we use almost every day is the washing machine. The washing machine door should be left open after use. Another appliance that many people use is the microwave. The microwave is just like the washing machine. The microwave door should remain open after use. But what about the oven door? Should we close the oven door after cooking or baking or leave it open?

Can mold form in the oven if we close the oven door after cooking?

No, mold cannot form in the oven during or after cooking. This is due to the so-called cross-flow fans in the oven. They ensure that the warm air and moisture from the appliances are discharged to the outside.

This means you don’t have to worry about the residual moisture in the cooking chamber leading to mold growth. In addition, the temperatures in the oven are usually so high that mold spores hardly survive for long.

Can the heat from the oven damage the furniture in the kitchen?

If the oven door is left open after cooking, the highly heated air enters the kitchen and thus reaches the furniture. These can be damaged by the heat if they are not of high quality and have been installed properly.

This is why you should make sure that you buy high-quality materials when buying a kitchen. As a kitchen is usually used for years, you should not be stingy with this item.

However, there are also exceptions: For example, kitchens with laminated fronts can be damaged if they are exposed to excessive and prolonged heat. This is because they are usually more sensitive to heat. The result: the foil shrinks or the adhesive dissolves, causing the coating to fall off.

Can I use the oven heat for heating in winter?

Due to rising energy prices, consumers may come up with the idea of using the residual heat from the appliance to heat the room, especially in winter. Theoretically, this is not a problem. The only problem is that the smell will spread through the room. If you have cooked something tasty with pleasant smelling spices, you can use the residual heat from the oven to heat it up.

Please note that the humidity in the kitchen will increase. This means that you should not forget to ventilate the room later so that the humidity and therefore the risk of mold in the kitchen does not increase.

Should you close the oven door after cooking?

If you use your oven, you don’t want to worry about the door after cooking. Open the oven door fully rather than just a small gap. This prevents hot air from flowing exclusively onto the underside of the work surface above the oven.

Leaving the oven door open always carries a certain risk of injury. On the one hand, the door is a tripping hazard. Secondly, it increases the risk of coming into contact with the heated oven and burning yourself.

Whether you leave the oven door open or close it after baking depends on your preferences.


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