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Vegan Handbag Brands

Many people who respect animal rights are turning to vegan brands. Some brands appeal to different economic audiences in different countries. Among these brands, there are also world-famous ones. Real leather luxury bags, bags covered with real fur, and more are used by many brands of the world. So, do you need to use these materials? Here is our Vegan Handbag Brands list:

Vegan Handbag Brands: For every budget

As The Vegetarian Hannibal, we have mentioned some vegan brands before. Take a look at our articles: Vegan Clothing Brands Australia, Vegan Clothing Brands USA. Everything has a vegan alternative: burgers, desserts, ice creams, and even handbag brands! Therefore, it is very important to change your perspective in the first place. You preferred vegan brands, but which brands produce vegan bags?

Vegan bags are produced using artificial or vegan leather, without using real leather. In this way, animals are not tortured just because of their skin or fur. Because, as you know, many endangered animals can be hunted for the skin and fur of animals.

Matt & Nat 

Vegan Handbag Brands

This brand, which is famous for its larger bags, has been known for vegan products for a long time. At the same time, it adopts ethical rules in the production of products. Matt & Nat has many vegan leather products, from wallets to gym bags.

Angela Roi

This New York-based brand advocates a cruelty-free fashion industry beyond producing vegan products. Adopting a fair wage policy for its employees, Angela Roi uses polyurethane leather in its products. Appealing to those who follow fashion closely, Angela Roi’s vegan leather bags have very minimal lines.

HFS Collective

These bags, which look very stylish from the outside, are created from organic cotton, hemp, recycled plastic, and vegan Pinatex leather. HFC Collective, which sells its bags a little more expensive than other brands, is among the brands that also adopt ethical rules.


Hozen uses cactus, suede, recycled plastics, natural rubber, organic cotton, and recycled hemp as vegan leather for its bags. In this way, Hozen, which designs the latest fashion products and welcomes its users in different colors, combines first-class organic leather with Italian designs.

LaBante London

Interestingly, the bags of this brand, created using recycled plastic bottles and vegetable oils, have been meeting with those who prefer to use vegan leather bags since 2009. The biggest claim of the brand is to create perfect products with recycled materials.

The polyester is made from plastic bottles and the outers is made with over 50 percent vegetable oil (a renewable natural source).

Vegan Handbag Brands

Apart from these, the brands that we come across with the products they produce using vegan leather can be listed as follows:

  • Frida Rome Vegan Bags
  • SINBONO Vegan Bags
  • JORD Handbag Collection
  • KULA Vegan Bags
  • Will’s Vegan Store Bags
  • Tropicfeel Vegan Bags & Backpacks
  • Pinkstix Vegan Bags
  • Stella McCartney Vegan Bags
  • Jeane and Jax Vegan Bags
  • Urban Originals Vegan Bags
  • Eve Cork Vegan Bags
  • Rothy’s Bag

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