Are Chupa Chups vegetarian?

The ’90s brought us some great things like light-up sneakers, Tamagotchi’s, and Spice Girls. But more importantly, Chupa Chups started selling in 164 countries around the world. Chupa Chups currently sells more than 100 flavors worldwide! Have you tried them all? Probably not. And if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you might not want to try all the varieties either. Today`s question is: “Are Chupa Chups vegetarian?

Are Chupa Chups veegtarian

Where does the name Chupa Chups come from?

There was a jingle that translated something like, “Get something sweet to lick like a chup.” The phrase “chupa un chups” comes from Spanish (chupar = to suck). Everyone loved this one-shot so much that it gave the product its final name, “Chupa Chups.”

The biggest Chupa Chups lollipop

Originally made as a gift for FC Barcelona soccer player Hristo Stoichkov, this giant lollipop weighed an incredible 735 grams. It would take hours, maybe even days, to suck it. It’s still being produced today. Just in case you want to take up a challenge!

Are Chupa Chups vegetarian?

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, unfortunately, you will not be able to try all the varieties. Because not all varieties are suitable for vegetarians. You have to check the individual product pages for this information.

Are Chupa Chups halal or kosher?

No, the Chupa Chups products sold in the UK are not halal or kosher.

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