Why Do Vegans Want Fake Meat?

Why do vegans want fake meat

Why Do Vegans Want fake meat? is one of the most frequently asked questions about veganism. If you ask me, it is one of the most useless questions asked about veganism. Let’s bring clarity to this issue. I would appreciate it if you express your opinions on this topic in the comments below.


Why do vegans want fake meat?

What is the motivation of the person asking this question? What does he/she want to achieve with the answer?

Let’s visualize this question: You chose to become vegan because you no longer want to see animals tortured and slaughtered. You think that animals have the same rights as humans and that animals should be treated the same way humans are treated. Then someone comes along and asks the question: Why do Vegans want fake meat?

I think the person who asks this question should be answered with a few comments:

Why do not you want to stop killing animals? Why don’t you want to stop torturing animals? While you should be happy that vegans want to stop killing and torturing animals, you are confronting vegans with unnecessary, nonsensical questions.

I am writing this as a vegetarian. Some vegans even hate me. But I don’t want to take them against me and turn this into a war and continue unnecessary discussions. I respect their choice on behalf of animals. Why don’t you respect them and ask a question like Why do vegans want fake meat? Why do you eat the balls of bulls?

  • Vegans eat fake meat because they don’t want animals to be killed.
  • Vegans eat fake meat because they don’t want animals to be tortured.
  • Vegans eat fake meat because they don’t want the animals to suffer.
  • Vegans eat fake meat because the religions they believe in expect it.
  • Vegans eat fake meat because they don’t think eating meat is healthy.
  • Vegans eat fake meat because habits are sometimes hard to break.
  • Vegans don’t eat meat because they are sacrificing themselves to change some of the things that are wrong in the world. We call it empathy.


Why do vegans want fake meat? | Psychological aspects

If you want to answer this question properly, you also need to look at the psychological and physical aspects of human beings.

Of course, when you become vegan or vegetarian, many people, but not everyone, miss eating meat. There are many reasons for this. Years of habituation, hormones released by the taste buds, etc. And from a scientific point of view, the neurotransmitter dopamine regulates our food intake via reward stimuli. Researchers have discovered exactly how this takes place. According to the study, the first release of the happiness hormone occurs when delicious food touches our tongue. I do not want to go into this in-depth in this article.

Should vegans feel guilty for missing meat? Of course not. There is nothing wrong with that. It is of course not right that craving meat gives a vegan or vegetarian a sense of guilt. Besides, people don’t miss “raw meat”, they miss hamburgers, salami, kebabs, and doner kebabs.

If you did not add spices, sauces, and additives to them, they would be products that almost no one would crave or want to eat. So, It’s not the meat, it’s the meat products prepared with meat. Even if we look at the steak, a steak without seasoning and spices is a tasteless, rubbery, inedible “product”. Would you miss raw meat? Would your spare ribs be delicious without salt, pepper, sauce, oil, etc.? I do not think you would miss it if you prepared it without additives.


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